Our Business

Our Business

We pursue advanced technology that’s ahead of the times.

The main function of the engineering staff at Marubeni Construction Material Lease involves the planning and design of temporary steel construction structures, especially, among other construction-related work operations, heavy temporary construction work (earth retainment work, walings and struts, work platforms, etc.). Technology concerning the planning of temporary work is advancing significantly with the times, regarding depth, variety, and complexity. Higher levels of technology surpassing even these advancements are constantly being demanded.

We are constantly seeking new evolution in technical upgrades and technology development, based on our accumulated knowledge and experience, armed with various new software.

Implementation of safe and secure execution methods

With “Safety First” as our motto, Marubeni Construction Material Lease is ready to meet client needs for the execution of various work operations, such as for soil-cement continuous walls (SMW Method), installation and removal for earth retainment work, non-vibration pile driving and withdrawing work (which is environ-mentally friendly), and various types of foundation piling work and obstacle removal work.

With all of them deepening, widening, and strengthening our activities.

Marubeni Construction Material Lease covers a wide variety of products. We are accomplishing significant achievements in various fields involving environmental improvement projects, i.e., high-rise buildings, new traffic systems, and underground rail systems, which create urban spaces, as well as harbors, rivers, and water supply & sewage systems, etc.
In tandem with innovation in construction technology, we have recently made various ingenious improvements in temporary steel construction technology. This is contributing to the creation of more and more comfortable urban spaces, and our field of activity is thus expanding more than ever.